IOTOD 2015

The IOTOD 2015 meeting offered delegates the tools to address the needs of their more complex and challenging patients.

The programme featured leading international experts in the treatment of opioid dependence, who shared their latest data and provided thought-provoking debates on emerging issues. These included recognising and managing prescription opioid dependence, minimising the risks associated with the older patient population, recognising drug–drug interactions, and the future of abuse-deterrent formulations. Cutting edge practical approaches to comorbid drug addiction and psychosocial care in opioid dependence were presented, and the treatment of coexisting hepatitis C was also covered.


Professor Sharon Walsh

Professor of Behavioral Science and Psychiatry Center on Drug and Alcohol Research, University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY, USA

Professor Robert Ali

Director, Community Based Treatment Interventions, Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia


John Marsden

Professor of Addiction Psychology, Addictions Department, King’s College London

London, UK


Dr Michelle Lofwall

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Center on Drug and Alcohol Research, University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY, USA

Marc Auriacombe

Professor of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, University of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

Professor Robert West

Professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies, University College London

London, UK

Professor Michael Soyka

Medical Director, Psychiatric Hospital Meiringen

Meiringen, Switzerland

Dr Daniel Fuster

Internist, Addiction Unit, Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol

Badalona, Spain

Dr Linda Harris

Chief Executive and Clinical Director of Spectrum Community Health


Professor Seddon Savage

Director, Dartmouth Center on Addiction Recovery and Education

New Hampshire, USA

Professor Elinore McCance-Katz

Professor of Psychiatry, University of California San Francisco


Professor John Strang

Director, National Addiction Centre, King's College London

London, UK

Professor Roy Robertson

General Practitioner (GP), Edinburgh, and Professor of Addiction Medicine, Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, UK


Manoeuvres in the fog: drug-drug interactions in OST
Practicalities of transitioning between opioid agonist treatments
New horizons for treatment: translating the latest research into clinical practice
Tailoring behavioural interventions: emerging evidence and practical implications
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