IOTOD insights report: perceptions and use of long-acting buprenorphine formulations

Results from a European healthcare practitioner survey by IOTOD surrounding perspectives and practices around opioid dependence treatment with long-acting buprenorphine (LAB).

In opioid dependence treatment, daily methadone and buprenorphine are traditional and widely used approaches. LAB formulations are becoming increasingly available although information regarding use is scarce in non-clinical settings. This report highlights the responses of healthcare professionals (HCPs) from different specialist areas (associated with opioid dependence treatment) and their perspective and practice surrounding the use of LAB. View the report now to learn more!


Funding statement   

This IOTOD educational activity is sponsored by Camurus AB. PCM Scientific is the medical education company acting as scientific secretariat and organiser for this program. The activity is run independently of the sponsor who have not had any input into the content or outcomes.