An individualised approach to treatment: comparing opioid dependence therapies

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About Us

Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (IOTOD) is an educational initiative that aims to improve opioid dependence healthcare through a variety of programmes, such as the annual conference, the THN toolkit, reports and other educational online resources.

Founded with the IOTOD conference, an annual event which has been running for 20 years, the IOTOD initiative brings together healthcare professionals from across the globe to share and discuss best practice in the field of opioid dependence.

Providing a variety of live and online educational interventions, IOTOD has evolved into a diverse, multiplatform initiative driving change worldwide in the understanding and treatment of opioid dependence. IOTOD also supports harm reduction efforts, overdose prevention strategies and Hepatitis C elimination.

Journal of European CME

Improving outcomes in the treatment of opioid dependence (IOTOD): reflections on the impact of a medical education initiative on healthcare professionals’ attitudes and clinical practice.

This article looks at why educational initiatives like the IOTOD conference are valuable in order to significantly improve physicians’ behaviours, examines the methods for conducting a CME-accredited event, and highlights individualised treatment plans and delivery.

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