Industry-Sponsored Sessions

During this year’s conference there will be industry-sponsored workshops and satellite symposia, covering the latest clinical evidence and cutting-edge research related to opioid dependence.

*Please note if you are already registered for the live event, the sponsored sessions will be available to watch on demand with your log-in details until Friday 30th June!

Sponsored satellite symposium: Indivior

Title: Walking the Talk: How do qualitative OUD clinical studies translate into actionable outcomes?

Description: Professor John Marsden discusses what we have learnt from qualitative studies of the various treatment in OUD, and draws out ways to improve treatment and deliver better outcomes. He will also discuss examples of how research literature informs real world policy not only in the UK but across Europe.

Speaker(s): Professor John Marsden

Date/Time: Wednesday 17th May, 12:00 BST

Sponsored workshop: Camurus

Title: Importance of individualised opioid dependence treatments and methadone transfer to long-acting injectable buprenorphine (LAIB)

Description: During Camurus workshop, Prof Jo Neale (UK) will highlight the importance of individualised treatment and patient engagement. Followed by Dr Vicki Hayes and Dr Pablo Vega who will share their practical experience on moving patients from low dose methadone to long-acting injectable buprenorphine  (LAIB) in Spain and Australia.

Speaker(s): Dr Vicki Hayes, AU; Prof. Joanne Neale, UK; Dr Pablo Vega, SP

Date/Time: Thursday 18th May, 11:40 BST