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IOTOD 2022 winter webinar

Register for free to the ‘My treatment, my choice: patient preference and shared decision making in the treatment of opioid dependence’ webinar. This 45-minute live event will take place via Zoom.

Join industry experts as they explore patient preferences and shared decision making in opioid dependence treatment.

Secure your free ticket today:

  • Convenient online education – attend from work or home
  • Take part in a live Q&A session with expert speakers and fellow delegates
  • Keep up to date with the latest advancements in opioid dependence treatment
  • Agenda developed specifically for healthcare professionals working with patients with opioid dependence
  • Join Chair Dr Julia Lewis, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist and speakers Kristian Konnerup, Drug Assistant Rehabilitation-Consultant and Dirk Schäffer, Advisor for Drugs and Correction