Journal Club

We are proud to announce the inception of the IOTOD Journal Club, a series of regular, interactive discussions with leading experts in the clinical landscape.

New ideas and innovations come more than once a year, and if we are to improve patient outcomes, it is imperative to stay up-to-date as and when new developments occur.

The IOTOD Journal Club will provide an exciting opportunity for you to connect with authors of recently published and relevant papers, allowing you to identify precisely what impact these have on your practice and how they can improve your patient’s outcomes.

What is a journal club?

These are engaging, interactive discussions on recently published papers, which provide you with the opportunity to connect directly with the authors involved.

Our scientific faculty will select a recent, relevant paper for discussion at each journal club. The paper’s author will then join the journal club chair to discuss their study during a live webinar, where you will also have the opportunity to pose questions directly to these international experts.

Our journal clubs are hosted using GoToWebinar, allowing anyone to access and participate using a supported browser or mobile device. During each session, you will be able to submit questions and comments throughout, which our chair will review and field to the guest speaker.

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Archived materials

All of our journal clubs will be recorded and archived online in case you are unable to join us for the initial broadcast.