Poster Session


This year at IOTOD we hosted our very own poster sessions as part of the IOTOD agenda.

For the first time, the IOTOD conference displayed submitted scientific posters on opioid-dependence best practice and research that was showcased throughout the virtual event. 

Poster topics

We displayed posters displaying novel research into the following topics:

  • Opioid substitution therapy
  • Polysubstance use
  • Opioid analgesic dependence
  • Long acting formulations
  • Needs of the opioid-dependent populations and subpopulations
  • Opioid dependence related side effects and comorbidities – e.g. Viral hepatitis, HIV

Posters displayed at IOTOD 2020

1 A research study to explore service users’ and healthcare professionals’ experience of a switch in medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence in an outpatient setting Dr Bernadette Hard Kaleidoscope Drug Project
2 Ambre survey: patient acceptance and willingness to use a long acting buprenorphine, results from patients enrolled in penitentiary care centers Jérôme Bachellier CHU Tours
3 An integrated model of opiate addition treatment – better outcomes Zrinka Cavar Teaching institute for Public Health dr Andrija Štampar
4 Experience from a pilot of prolonged release buprenorphine (PRB) in hard to reach groups in South Wales Dr Bernadette Hard Kaleidoscope Drug Project
5 Experiences in the treatment of OUD with subcutaneous buprenorphine depot in Germany 2019 Dr Carola Seibold Camurus
6 HCV Micro-elimination in a suburban OST program in Greece Pinelopi Antonakaki 2nd Department of Internal Medicine, Hippokration General Hospital of Athens, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
7 Injectable prolonged release buprenorphine one year on – follow up of Glasgow Buvidal pilot at 12 months Trina Ritchie Glasgow Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services
8 Medication support and recovery service: A multidisciplinary approach to pharmaceutical opioid dependency Sarah Corkran Access Health and Community
9 Opioid analgesic medications found at post-mortem in opioid-related deaths in England increased by 230% from 2006-2015 Ben Houghton St Georges University
10 Ready for an opioid reduction? Hopes, fears and psychological morbidity Katheryn Grange Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
11 ReWire – Tackling addiction to prescribed opioids Graeme Keith Dixon Agencia
12 Safe prescribing of opioid replacement therapy in hospital and safe transitioning between community and hospital Chien Nee Gan North Cumbria Integrated Care
13 Summary of initial patient reported outcomes with prolonged-release buprenorphine therapy in opioid dependence Graham Parsons Turning Point, London, UK
14 The impact of drug source and user’s race on stigma toward opioid addiction Jordan Sparks Waldron University of Indianapolis
15 Long-acting buprenorphine in Sweden – Experience so far and planned study Andrea Johansson Capusan Department of Psychiatry, Linköping University Hospital, Linköping Sweden

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